Sunday, 27 May 2012

these are some of the boxes i made for my box with teddy stall, at Skipsea Beach club were we raised money for Lifeboat and Air Ambulance

My box stand With hand made bags

This is a stand i got to  hold  my hand made bags on, they will be for sale this weekend we will be raising money for the Lifeboat and Air ambulance some money will also go to a hospice.I will be selling my boxes with teddies like I did at christmas so wish me luck...
This is my box stall at Skipsea Beach club, we raised £1600+ my stall raised £87.50 which i thank my friends who helped with teddies and card thank you again friends

Thursday, 24 May 2012

this is a stand i bought to put my bags on these bags have chocolate in and i will be selling them for charity this weekend at a summer fair proceeds for Lifeboat and Air ambulance